Cosmetic Test Services

Cosmetic Biocompatibility Testing


OMIC-A Research offers standardized, published or novel non-animal-based methods that evaluate whether a product or substance is toxic or safe for intended use. Customized tests can also be developed to meet the unique properties of your product. These alternative methods are rapid and cost-efficient. They also reduce the need for and pain inflicted on animals.


Primary test methods to study safety include

  • Cytotoxicity in 2D cell assays using human cell lines
  • Dermal skin corrosion and irritation
  • Cytotoxicity in ex vivo human live skin
  • Artificially grown, animal-free skin models are an important tool for simulating the effects of different conditions on epidermal tissues. In order to effectively culture such models, researchers must successfully induce keratinocytes to differentiate into the
    various layers of epidermis, requiring direct exposure to air as well as culture media that is used to support cell growth and differentiation
  • Relevant applications and testing protocols
  • Animal-free skin cell testing
  • Cosmetics product testing
  • Dermal toxicity assessment
  • Skin care product testing
  • Human skin cell growth
  • In vitro 3D epidermal tissue culture
  • Small-scale 3D skin growth
  • Human epidermal keratinocytes
  • Growing tissue with an air-liquid interface
  • Human epidermal reconstruction modeling

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